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Andy Silverman - Screenwriter

Andy Silverman is a screenwriter who specializes in comedies with heart.

His latest project is a new media series called Buckle Up. It's about a ride share driver who can't control himself from saying exactly what's on his mind. In order to keep his job, he uses a pig puppet, Andouille, to do his talking for him. 

Created while stuck in rush hour traffic driving for Uber and Lyft. 


His latest feature screenplay Tinsel & Coal is getting rave reviews by the Blacklist.

It's about a recently engaged man who returns home with his fiancee, only to find that his 28 year old brother still believes their father is Santa Claus.

Blacklist quotes:

--Tinsel & Coal is a rare Christmas movie that doesn't talk down to children and adults will really respond to the themes of familial conflict around the holidays.

-- It should attract a marketable cast, and the decidedly mid-range budget should entice many studios looking for a four-quadrant Christmas movie.  


His latest sit-com pilot is A Brand New Ballgame. It's about a statistician who gives up a promising career on Wall Street to turn around a losing major league baseball team. His job gets complicated when he finds they've hired a sports psychologist and a mystic as well.

To request any of his screenplays, contact Andy at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it




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